Saturday, February 3, 2007

Behrang Samadzadegan's Statment

Behrang Samadzadegan wrote:
What’s going on in the town? This is the main question by which my themes and motives are always shaped. The main issue I usually focus on is the current situation of my region. Those facts which have direct influences on the masses and their lifestyle but are not usually visible or the focal point. In another word, social and regional issues have direct effects on my creativity. Sometimes I confess that I don’t have anything to think about except my surrounded world and the life within it. But is it a small ignorable matter really? I believe not. So I try to turn on a light on the dark side of life by my art. Some may think that I’m interested in creating political art but I ‘m not. I’m just following the social matters and adopt their conclusions as my themes. I usually choose my media depend on the theme. Since now I have shown paintings, digital illustrations and videos in different exhibitions.

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